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The perfect place to start. We analyze what you’re already working with so you can make the most of it. We help you define your style and develop your options. Price: $600

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Closet consultation + personal shopping to fill in the gaps and maximize your existing wardrobe. We shop with you and advise on making the most of your budget. Price: $1500

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Ready for a reset? Whatever the reason for a change, we guide you through all the major and minor decision points that go into a great new look. Closet consult + personal shopping  + fitting in your home.

Price: $2800

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Non traditional styling for weddings, travel, formal/themed events, and speaking engagements -- these all need a particular kind of care and skill. We talk with you about your upcoming needs and your hopes for the event. Our aim is to get you not just feeling “ready,” but excited and confident. Price by quote only.

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